CyberKat Cafe

Welcome to the CyberKat Cafe blog, my little corner of the internet. An Infotainment blog with a focus on Cybersecurity and technology along with a Cyberpunk inspired theme and my infotainment persona of the Script Kitty. Much like a Cybercafe this is a place to check in and read something interesting, I’ll be posting about what I’ve learned as a Cybersecurity student as well as details about my various projects, both software and hardware, my recaps and my thoughts on Infosec/tech news, and whatever else Infosec or tech related content has piqued my interest.

Unfortunately however, unlike a cat cafe the only cats you are going to find here are conCATenate, Netcat, Hashcat, and of course me your resident script kitty.

Latest from the Blog

CyberKat cafe Podcast ep 3 on the Y2K crisis is out now!

Hello internet it is once again your friendly neighborhood Script Kitty here with another episode of our podcast, this time I cover the Y2K bug through a modern lens of Cybersecurity and Emergency management. Check it out here: https://anchor.fm/cyberkatcafe/episodes/Ep-3-The-Millennium-Bug–A-hackers-retrospective-on-Y2K-e1t0s3c And with that said, this is Killer Kat signing off, stay safe out there and I’ll…

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