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Welcome to the CyberKat Cafe blog, my little corner of the internet. An Infotainment blog with a focus on Cybersecurity and technology along with a Cyberpunk inspired theme and my infotainment persona of the Script Kitty. Much like a Cybercafe this is a place to check in and read something interesting, I’ll be posting about what I’ve learned as a Cybersecurity student as well as details about my various projects, both software and hardware, my recaps and my thoughts on Infosec/tech news, and whatever else Infosec or tech related content has piqued my interest.

Unfortunately however, unlike a cat cafe the only cats you are going to find here are conCATenate, Netcat, Hashcat, and of course me your resident script kitty.

Latest from the Blog

Episode 7: An Interview with ChatGPT is out now!

Hello Cyber Cats, I have a great episode for you all this week. An interview between the your favorite Script Kitty and the AI chatbot that has been all over the news ChatGPT! That’s right a robot containing ChatGPT ventured all the way out here to Midnight City to join me in the studio for…

Episode 6: Why Windows is Changing Your Firewall Rules is out now!

Hello Cyber Cats, I am happy to announce that episode 6 is now live. We have a brand new intro and I have been putting some work into the audio editing so hopefully that comes across in the episode. This episode also features me flexing my cybersecurity skills, which is something I know people have…

It’s official, you can now support the show!

Helllllo cyber cats! Killer Kat here coming to you live to bring you some great news! As I had mentioned last episode my equipment could do with some upgrading, plus being a Script Kitty isn’t free there’s lots of expenses such as instant noodles, questionably safe energy drinks, and J&J 2 in 1 electronic cat…

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