CyberKat Cafe

Welcome to the CyberKat Cafe blog, my little corner of the internet. An Infotainment blog with a focus on Cybersecurity and technology along with a Cyberpunk inspired theme and my infotainment persona of the Script Kitty. Much like a Cybercafe this is a place to check in and read something interesting, I’ll be posting about what I’ve learned as a Cybersecurity student as well as details about my various projects, both software and hardware, my recaps and my thoughts on Infosec/tech news, and whatever else Infosec or tech related content has piqued my interest.

Unfortunately however, unlike a cat cafe the only cats you are going to find here are conCATenate, Netcat, Hashcat, and of course me your resident script kitty.

Latest from the Blog

Windows is slowing down your PC! : 30 Windows services you can disable right now.

Hello Internet, soy tu gatito guion residente. And today I have a topic that effects the majority of computer users and that is windows overhead wasting system resources. This is a topic that many in the tech sphere have covered before and indeed you can even download a PowerShell script that will disable many of […]

The Holiday Season, How it Effects Cybersecurity and What You Should do About it.

Hello once again internet, its me your favorite (and only) Script Kitty here to wish you some holiday cheer as we talk about the holidays and what that means for Cybersecurity. Every year during the holiday season hundreds of people go online to purchase Christmas gifts for their family members, and this influx of activity […]

Weekend project: C++ Rock Paper Scissors console app.

Hello Internet, its your premiere Script Kitty Killer Kat here to share the details of my latest fun project. Although its not actually something I made on a weekend I’m going to use this moniker anyway, my ADHD means that I often get Hyperfocused on projects and then completely forget to write about them afterwords, […]

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