Introducing The Raspberry S.Pi.D.E.R

Hello once again my fellow hackers and tech enthusiasts, once again its time for the Internets resident script kitty to show you what I have been working on.

The Raspberry S.Pi.D.E.R is a project I have been working on for quite some time now on and off. Its a handheld raspberry Pi tablet that uses a RTL SDR to create a portable SDR. Now I know that there are already several commercial grade portable SDR devices on the market however I still had 2 reasons for working on this project.

The first reason is cost, A good SDR will set you back quite a bit and I hoped that my DIY solution would be affordable and easy to start, in following the spirit of RTL SDR.

And the second reason is as always I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy learning, this is a great opportunity to learn quite a bit of useful and interesting skills and as with any DIY project put my own spin on things. (Including plans to create a multi functional hacking tablet but that’s another story).

For more info on the project you can check out my Github where I am tracking its progress:

The Tablet:

The S.Pi.D.E.R is currently in prototype form, its a Raspberry Pi 4, connected to the official touch screen and running GQRX with a RTL-SDR receiver. Currently its in a Touchscreen case I got for free off of Amazon however I have plans to 3d print a custom case further on in the project.

Its currently running Raspbian or as its now known Raspberry Pi OS. This is for compatibility with the Raspberry Pi version of GQRX and the Touch Screen as pictured below.

The S.PI.D.E.R showing a custom background I made.

Currently the S.Pi.D.E.R is functional however I have been having issues with the battery pack that I decided to use so its only fully functional when plugged into wall power.

My future plans include having the tablet fully battery powered and portable, I also plan to add custom analog controls as using the touchscreen with GQRX is a little cumbersome.

You can follow my progress and get all the updates about the project over on my Github page: And for all the best Cyber Security and Technology discourse remember to read the Buf-fur Overflow blog!

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