Future of the blog: Looking for Webdesign help

Hello Internet, I’m sure you all know that blogs don’t die with a bang but with a thousand “Future of the blog” posts. But this hopefully does not foreshadow such a grim fate for us.

When I started this blog I had the idea in my head of a Educational / Entertaining blog with the idea of me the titular Script Kitty broadcasting my hacker show across the cyberpunk dystopian future. To this end I did my best to match the Cyberpunk aesthetic with the garish colors of my blog however I am no webdesigner. So this is where you come in, if you are a student web designer and are interested in working on designing my blog please contact me, I am of course willing to compensate you for your work and even pay you half up front as a show of good will.

As I am also a college student with limited funds I am not interested in any professional designers as I’m sure I would not be able to afford to compensate a seasoned professional (nor is my blog important or complicated enough to require such experience), but if you are a web design student and are looking for one of your first gigs then let me know and we can discuss details.

I’m looking for a cyberpunk theme that is functional but also stylized, heavy inspiration from Scifi/Cyberpunk terminals and monitors.

I am also hoping to start a podcast segment as well, so hopefully I’ll be able to gather the resources to work on that sometime in the near future. Then I can really learn into my Cyberpunk hacker DJ persona, while also helping to provide accessible education to a wider audience.

With that it is time once again for me to say until next time, but before I sign off please enjoy this AI generated rendition of what my Cyberpunk Radio station base would look like according to

And with that your faithful Script Kitty is once again signing off, stay safe out there and remember not to eat anything called Soylent Green even if you get a good price from the order terminal.

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