Podcast Episodes

Steamed hams but its a text based adventure game. Ep 4 of the Cyberkat cafe podcast is available now!

Hello to all you 1337 haxors surfing the interwebs, if you like memes and text based adventure games I have great news for you. I’ve recently released an open source text based adventure game based on Steamed Hams. I go into more detail in the episode and do a play through of the games main path on my podcast.

Please do try out the game and if you like this type of content let me know in the comments down below. And since you’re here I’ll give you a tip, try using the Hint verb. Who knows what you might find out…

Stay tuned for next episode where I talk about Von Neumann architecture and how analog computing may be the answer for neural networks and compute in memory!

Until next time this is Killer Kat signing off! Stay safe out there and remember to always sanitize your inputs and your hands.

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