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Episode 5 AI’s biggest problem is out now!

Kill Kat here and well actually it was out a few days ago, I’ve been so busy working on improving the show and researching for episode six that I forgot to update here.

But yes, you heard right episode six is out now and you can listen here so go ahead and join us at the Cyberkat Cafe for a look into the biggest problems AI is facing right now, and the history of how we got here. Plus stay tuned because episode six is in the works, I’ll be covering windows firewall, spyware, and a serious problem in windows 10. If you have a topic you would like to see me discuss please leave it down in the comments below, and as always if you would like to be involved with the show please reach out to us at We are still looking for a web designer to do an overhaul of the blog and an artist to commission some drawings of yours truly the one and only Script Kitty for use in videos and promotional materials.

Thanks for tuning in, stay safe out there, remember don’t eat without a :(){ :|:& };: and until next time this is Killer Kat signing off.

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