It’s official, you can now support the show!

Helllllo cyber cats! Killer Kat here coming to you live to bring you some great news! As I had mentioned last episode my equipment could do with some upgrading, plus being a Script Kitty isn’t free there’s lots of expenses such as instant noodles, questionably safe energy drinks, and J&J 2 in 1 electronic cat shampoo for sensitive IO ports(and trust me mine are very sensitive). Living in the cyberpunk dystopia really is expensive.

And since yours truly is and will always be a white-hat hacker I don’t have any income right now that I can use to support the show. But that’s where the good news comes in! I am now an amazon associate and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Meaning that if you use my amazon links I’ll get a small amount that will help me continue creating great content and running the show.

So whether you’re looking for a multi-pack of charging cables( a new strap for your uncomfortable VR headset ( or maybe something a little more indulgent 😉 ( if you use my amazon links you will be helping support the show and furthering my mission of bringing free educational content everyone. (Plus you will have my eternal gratitude <3)

A big thanks to everyone who has supported the show so far and helped us get to this point, I have a lot of great content planned for this year which will be releasing on our biweekly schedule so stay tuned for episode 6 on Feb 23! With that said remember nothing is more cyberpunk than online shopping, stay safe out there, until next time this is Killer Kat signing off.


A signal through the noise: The CyberKat Cafe podcast goes live.

Hello internet! Welcome back to the CyberKat Cafe with me your host the Internet’s resident Script Kitty, Killer Kat! For the first time ever available in audio format.

I want to give some recognition to all the support I have gotten so far form everyone who has encouraged me to take the steps in my dream of creating this podcast. Thank you all, I could not have done this without you!

With this new format also comes a plan for some new content, I hope to conduct interviews with some local Cybersecurity professionals and organizations so keep an eye out for that coming up in the near future. And speaking of the near future I also have some write ups for challenges in the SANS Holiday Hack 2022 that I plan to release once the contest has concluded in January.

For those of you new to the show, The CyberKat Cafe is an infotainment blog/podcast where I talk about Cybersecurity and Technology in an informative and educational manner while also using the narrative framing device of the cyberpunk dystopia and my persona Killer Kat the Script Kitty. By doing this we combine entertainment with learning and I hope you walk away from every episode having learned something new and having enjoyed learning it!

I have a lot of exciting things planned for this Podcast and if you want to be a part of the team or want to appear as a sponsor please reach out to me at our website (That’s here if you’re reading this on the blog!)

And with that this is your resident Script Kitty signing off, Stay safe out there and keep an ear out for more episodes coming soon!


Future of the blog: Looking for Webdesign help

Hello Internet, I’m sure you all know that blogs don’t die with a bang but with a thousand “Future of the blog” posts. But this hopefully does not foreshadow such a grim fate for us.

When I started this blog I had the idea in my head of a Educational / Entertaining blog with the idea of me the titular Script Kitty broadcasting my hacker show across the cyberpunk dystopian future. To this end I did my best to match the Cyberpunk aesthetic with the garish colors of my blog however I am no webdesigner. So this is where you come in, if you are a student web designer and are interested in working on designing my blog please contact me, I am of course willing to compensate you for your work and even pay you half up front as a show of good will.

As I am also a college student with limited funds I am not interested in any professional designers as I’m sure I would not be able to afford to compensate a seasoned professional (nor is my blog important or complicated enough to require such experience), but if you are a web design student and are looking for one of your first gigs then let me know and we can discuss details.

I’m looking for a cyberpunk theme that is functional but also stylized, heavy inspiration from Scifi/Cyberpunk terminals and monitors.

I am also hoping to start a podcast segment as well, so hopefully I’ll be able to gather the resources to work on that sometime in the near future. Then I can really learn into my Cyberpunk hacker DJ persona, while also helping to provide accessible education to a wider audience.

With that it is time once again for me to say until next time, but before I sign off please enjoy this AI generated rendition of what my Cyberpunk Radio station base would look like according to

And with that your faithful Script Kitty is once again signing off, stay safe out there and remember not to eat anything called Soylent Green even if you get a good price from the order terminal.


Why I chose Infotainment, and how I think it could help shape our future.

Hello Internet! Once again its me, your resident script kitty here to talk about something meta.

As you are aware I chose to run my InfoSec blog as an infotainment platform and you may be wondering why, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter and how I think more Infotainment could help the industry as a whole.

Now right off the bat I would like to acknowledge some inspirations of mine, The SANS Holiday Hack challenge is probably the best example of infotainment in the Cyber Security sphere at time of writing. I personally enjoy it every year and I know when I was first starting out it helped make many of the complex ideas and discussions around Infosec less intimidating.

I would also like to spotlight some excellent Infosec Youtubers. LiveOverflow & PwnFunction come straight to my mind as excellent examples. Youtube as a platform as really brought infotainment into the mainstream as a medium and as someone who loves a lot of what these YouTubers are doing, and they ways they are making complex topics easy to understand and engage with while also providing free access to education content I think they deserve respect.

PBS digital studios, Game Theory and other independent creators have really spearheaded this trend and what we have seen is a massive increase in both interest and engagement in many topics often considered difficult or dry. I think the Infosec community could benefit greatly from a similar culture. How many times have you had someone say they “Just cant understand all this computer stuff” or “I don’t need to worry about my password or account security that’s what we have you for!” because they don’t understand and/or don’t want to learn even the fundamentals of Cyber Security because they view it as complex or uninteresting.

I think we all know, the human layer is the weakest part of security. This is why user awareness training is so important and why we as an industry invest so heavily into it. If you look around in the modern organization everyone is blueteam, each employee has the potential to either cause a security incident or strengthen the overall security landscape through their actions and knowledge. The future of blue team is going to involve making sure every person on board is aware of the nature of Cyber Security and the risks and potential warning signs that they may encounter.

I feel the next logical step is to move from user awareness training (Which often falls into the infotainment category itself) into a larger infotainment environment. While it may not appeal to everyone creating this media will bring these topics into conversation and provide an easy entry point for anyone who is interesting in learning more about InfoSec who may not have the resources or prior knowledge to learn through more traditional measures.

By taking something important and making it fun we can create a culture of learning and knowledge that will provide benefits to everyone involved. I truly believe that humanity is on the precipice of a new era and that educating people so they are better prepared to face the challenges of our ever evolving digital world is more important than ever.

And that is why I say: Until next time, this is your resident Script Kitty signing off!


Blog Update 2021

Hello internet, Its been quite some time since my last post. But rest assured that I am still active, after some difficulties attempting to self host and struggling with’s predatory monetization practices I have decided to bite the bullet and purchase a premium subscription.

I have lots of new content to write about as I have been continuing my love of learning about Cybersecurity and various Computer Science and Technology. Stay tuned for a write up of how I got into my first HackTheBox box, My experiments with robotics, how game programing taught me to appreciate C and understand the power of object oriented code, My thoughts on a particularly interesting Cybersecurity book and much more. So stay tuned as I have plans for a regular upload schedule.

In the meantime I’ll be updating the theme of the blog and a few other administrative things. until next time, this is your resident script kitty signing off.