It’s official, you can now support the show!

Helllllo cyber cats! Killer Kat here coming to you live to bring you some great news! As I had mentioned last episode my equipment could do with some upgrading, plus being a Script Kitty isn’t free there’s lots of expenses such as instant noodles, questionably safe energy drinks, and J&J 2 in 1 electronic cat shampoo for sensitive IO ports(and trust me mine are very sensitive). Living in the cyberpunk dystopia really is expensive.

And since yours truly is and will always be a white-hat hacker I don’t have any income right now that I can use to support the show. But that’s where the good news comes in! I am now an amazon associate and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Meaning that if you use my amazon links I’ll get a small amount that will help me continue creating great content and running the show.

So whether you’re looking for a multi-pack of charging cables( a new strap for your uncomfortable VR headset ( or maybe something a little more indulgent 😉 ( if you use my amazon links you will be helping support the show and furthering my mission of bringing free educational content everyone. (Plus you will have my eternal gratitude <3)

A big thanks to everyone who has supported the show so far and helped us get to this point, I have a lot of great content planned for this year which will be releasing on our biweekly schedule so stay tuned for episode 6 on Feb 23! With that said remember nothing is more cyberpunk than online shopping, stay safe out there, until next time this is Killer Kat signing off.

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